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Marta Martín

My name is Marta Martín and I’m currently an English teacher in Mare de Déu

dels Àngels school, located in Barcelona, Spain. As I look back on my journey I

find myself with a lot of pride and fulfillment. The path that led me here has

been with countless moments of growth, learning, and the sheer joy of

nurturing young minds in their pursuit of linguistic proficiency and global


My roots lie in Barcelona and my Bachelor’s studies took me to the


Additionally, my time living and working in the U.S (Minnesota) have shaped

my teaching approach.

Working in different education environments over the past six years, which has

made me learn a wide variety of innovative methodologies and has helped me

to become an open-minded and risk-taker educator.

I am honored to be part of a community that values language education and

global perspectives. Assuming the role of program director in Academica has

added value to my work. Steering students towards broader international

experiences has been a privilege. It’s incredibly satisfying to facilitate avenues

that transcend cultural boundaries, allowing our students to engage with

diverse perspectives and develop a global mindset.