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Patricia Hernández Simón

Hi friends!! My name is Patricia Hernández Simón and I’m 17 years old. I live in Bilbao (SPAIN). My experience with The Dual Diploma program is proving to be amazing.

Next year I will finish High School and I want to go the University. I’m very interested in the business world and in entrepreneurship. I would like to study Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship Leadership and innovation in Mondragon University. I want to be able to lead efficiently the creation of new companies so I must be prepared to work in a global and competitive business environment where the advantages to achieve business success are the innovation and creativity.

My main hobbies are outdoor sports like horse riding and activities in contact with nature. I really enjoy listening music. It keeps me active every day.. I love travelling. My dream is to go to U.S. and to travel to Florida and California. I’m very happy when I get together with my friends. Friendship is the most valuable treasure that one can find.