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Rocío Pendás

Hello! My name is Rocio Pendas and I am currently the English Department coordinator, Bilingual Program Coordinator and Dual Diploma Program director at Blanca de Castilla School in Madrid, Spain. I have been teaching exclusively at this school for 29 years now and have loved every minute of sharing the importance of the English language with my students.


As an avid traveler, I see the growing need for English worldwide and cannot express enough the importance of our younger generation to carry this skill. I am a firm believer in the Dual Program and the way it fosters independent learning, teaching students everything from time management to cultural differences they will encounter in their future endeavors.


I am inspired by the way I have watched my students grow over my years working with the Dual Program and the way they excel with virtual learning-something that has never been a more important skill than it is now! This program is forward thinking and is constantly adapting to the every changing teaching ways!